Welcome to

Precious Stones Preschool

Discover a nurturing space for your child’s education at Precious Stones Preschool. Our Sedona, AZ-based program offers structured play activities and unstructured explorations both inside and outside the classroom. We focus on readiness skill development, socialization opportunities, and encourage self-expression through music and art. As a ministry of Rock of Ages Lutheran Church, we practice a non-discriminatory admission policy, welcoming all children. Join us in providing a loving and supportive environment where your child can learn and grow in accordance with the teachings of Christ and federal/state regulations. Enroll your child today!

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

At Precious Stones Preschool, we believe in more than education; we champion community. From the moment your child joins us, they’re embraced into our close-knit family—a family that thrives on kindness, inclusivity, and a passion for learning.

Beyond our doors, we actively engage with parents and the local community, ensuring a robust support system for our children. With regular workshops and parent-teacher conferences, we invite families to be hands-on in their child’s growth journey.

Like a precious stone needs the right setting to shine, children flourish in a community that values them. Our dedicated educators and staff forge bonds that go beyond traditional roles. Here, we don’t just teach; we create lasting memories.

Become part of the Precious Stones family, where every child’s brilliance is celebrated and nurtured.

Our Core Values

Christ Focused

At our preschool, we integrate the teachings of Christ into our curriculum, fostering a spiritual foundation for our students in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Supportive Setting

We provide a safe and nurturing space for children to explore, learn, and grow, emphasizing the development of social, emotional, and educational skills through structured and unstructured activities.

Family Oriented

Our preschool champions a family-oriented approach, building a close-knit community that values strong partnerships with parents and caregivers, ensuring a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for every child.

Quality-First Rated

We pride ourselves on being Quality-First Rated, exceeding state standards in licensing and safety protocols, and offering a high-quality educational experience that prioritizes the well-being and development of our students.